Bird Feeders - Pole Mounted Pine Cone Feeders

So, you're outside in your garden and realize there's something missing. It takes a minute and then it suddenly dawns on you that there's no birds singing, pecking at bird feeders or bringing life to the outside of your home. Unfortunately, this is the situation for many homeowners who don’t realize what they’re missing. To have a complete garden, attracting many of our feathered friends is a natural and enjoyable way to improve any garden or outdoor space.

If you decide to make your garden more bird-friendly, it's amazing what species appear. Once you spot one or two types of bird you've never seen before it'll awaken the hidden bird watcher in you. It won't be long before you'll be buying books on the subject or surfing the net try to figure out what breeds are outside your window sill. To get to this stage though, you have to give birds a reason to visit your garden. Some simple additions will make it more likely that you'll have a wide variety of feathered visitors calling every year.

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Sometimes birds find it difficult to access clean water. Installing a water pond is a simple solution to get these animals washing and drinking outside your home. When birds have their 'bath time' it’s something kids are amazed at as each bird splashes and shakes off the excess water from their feathers. Once you keep these ponds clean, there’s a greater chance of these welcome visitors returning to your garden on a regular basis.

Every type of animal needs food and garden birds are no different. Erecting bird feeders will soon have any nearby hummingbirds, finches and other breeds flocking to your garden. This is when you'll get to see what varieties exist in your neighborhood. There’s a good chance you’ll start to see bird species appearing that you never even knew existed. Even a small amount of seed in these feeders will attract any nearby birds. When you do leave food outside, the news gets around pretty quickly and you'll see a lot more activity in your garden.


If you want wild birds to stay longer in your garden, providing them with a place to stay is another simple yet effective way to encourage this. They want to feel secure and safe, especially during their breeding season. Bird houses give them this security and safety, with most of the latest models built to prevent predators or other unwanted visitors. Watching a family of garden birds evolve is a magical time, especially if you've got kids in your home.

There are so many different types of feeders including pole mounted bird feeders, pine cone bird feeders, Yankee Flipper bird feeders, platform  bird feeders, hangers, its, Oriole, modern, decorative and some of the best gazebo models.

They say the best things in life are free. This is certainly true if you decide to make your garden a more bird-friendly place. Making this simple change breathes life into any garden and makes it a naturally entertaining place to spend time. Nature can be cruel at times, but it’s also something we should promote and make the most of, especially if you have space outside your home to accommodate our feathered friends.